Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

#108: Harper Is Toppling the Patriarchy One Punch At a Time

July 1, 2021
In this week’s episode, Harper talks about her Difficult Women (working title), but she doesn’t know yet how they’ll get together. This book may also have brought her to take on a new (violent) hobby.
About That Kiss is getting its final touches and will be out on 27 July. The editor loved it! And Harper reveals which book she’ll work on when she’s done with the difficult women.
Our shout-out of the week is to the Flemish Government for their PSA with two middle-aged lesbians.
In between all the football we managed to binge the new and last season of Bosch. Another show we’re enjoying is This Is Pop on Netflix.
Harper made Caroline sit through a Celine Dion concert on YouTube.
A major televisual letdown was Sex/Life. Even Carmen from The L Word can’t make it watchable.
This week it’s Harper’s turn to recommend a book: The Secret to Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel. It’s a true piece of art.
Tune in again next time for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs. 

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