Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

#11: Perks and Responsibilities of the Indie Author

June 19, 2018

The drama of Harper turning forty has subsided in this eleventh episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs, but we are now overcome with World Cup fever. Harper wrote a short story this week and we are almost ready to send our golf romance to the editor.

For the entertainment part of the podcast we talk about a book (The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer) and a movie (Disobedience). Spoiler alert: neither gets rave reviews.

For the topic of the week we discuss how being an indie author means having a business mentality about your financials: knowing where the money comes from and where it goes. We also talk about how you don't need an agent to generate other avenues of income.

Tune in again next week for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs.


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