Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

#117: Harper Has Many Thoughts

November 18, 2021
We’re back after an extended break! But we’ve been busy during the break: Harper wrote a book which will be called And Then She Kissed Me; we published the audio of That Woman Next Door; and we published an age-gap boxset, The Power of Love.
Of course, we’ve watched a lot of television since our last podcast episode. We enjoyed The L Word Gen Q, but it is not without its issues. We loved Work in Progress. Harper has been rewatching Californication, which she’s enjoying, but in this day and age it is quite problematic. Our tv highlight of the week is Strictly Come Dancing. Even Caroline gets emotional when she watches John and Johannes. We can’t go out on a Saturday night until it’s over.
Last weekend we went to see the movie Aline, inspired by the life of Harper’s idol Celine Dion, and Harper has thoughts.
Caroline’s book of the week is Little Pleasures by Claire Chambers.
Tune in again next time for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs. 

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