Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

#119: Harper Is 10 Months Pregnant With Idea

December 2, 2021
We record this on the first day of snow of the year! The big news of the day is that That Woman Next Door is now available on Audible! And Then She Kissed Me is at the editor’s and with some beta-readers, one of whom already finished it.
Harper is ready to start writing her next book, but she has to write a short story first.
We have some translation news, both in Portuguese and French.
If you’re looking for a Christmas themed read, why not try Life in Bits, which Harper co-wrote with T.B. Markinson.
We’ve been glued to BritBox the past week, watching our favourite female detective Vera, as well as the other Ann Cleeves inspired series The Long Call. And of course we have something to say about Strictly and more specifically, about head judge Shirley.
Caroline’s book this week is, unusually, lesbian fiction: The Split by Laura Kay.
Tune in again next time for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs. 

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