Harper Bliss & Her Mrs

#56: Harper Is Not Sure She Can Ever Deal With People Again

April 16, 2020
In this week’s episode we talk about how we’re experiencing the lockdown.
This Saturday we’re doing a Q&A with the Mrs in the Harper Bliss Readers Group on Facebook. Join the event if you want to participate.
Lots of book news today! A Lesson in Love is out in audio, find the links here. The Two Hearts Trilogy ebook is available already from our web shop and the print book from Amazon. The ebook will be on all platforms from Tuesday (April 21st).
Summer’s End is out in German, which makes it available in three languages! 
We’ve started rewatching The Sopranos, which we’re loving. We apologise to all New Jerseyites for our poor attempts at the accent.
We also both read and greatly enjoyed Alone by EJ Noyes.
Tune in again next week for a new episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs. 

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